The SHRINK Method | Shrink Your Practice

The SHRINK Method™ is our proven process for creating a profitable, scalable, and irresistible business.


This method is for therapists who refuse to settle for a tired business model (ahem… traditional private practice). They reject a business that keeps them trapped in their chair (no matter how comfy). They are no-nonsense, focused bosses, ready to unleash their magic.


How It Works

The SHRINK Intensive | Shrink Your Practice

OPTION 1:  SHRINK Intensive™

You are more than your practice. Your ideal business is found where your training and your being meet. During this two hour interview, we'll uncover your special something, identify your perfect client, and give you the plan to show up and explode your business.  

Check out the SHRINK Intensive.

SHRINK Treatment | SHRINK Your Practice

OPTION 2:  SHRINK Treatment™

Get the full treatment. From your brand wording to your services, we'll package your magic for you. You'll walk away with a fully designed business that will keep you smiling!

Check out the SHRINK Treatment.