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The SHRINK Treatment results in a fully customized brand that includes:

  • The SHRINK Intensive + plan

  • brand language

  • simplified sales + marketing strategies

  • new services and pricing

  • your SHRINK brand kit


We do all the pre-and-post meeting work (12+ hours). You meet us, live, for 6 hours.

(The SRHINK Intensive is included)

1 |  We'll do the market research and current brand analysis (3+ hours).

2 |  You'll meet with us via video for 6 hours (over two weeks). 

3 |  You'll see your new SHRINK brand + business come to life.

4 |  We'll clarify, tweak, and decide in real time.

5 |  Using your SHRINK Intensive Plan, we'll expand your brand details and strategy (4+ hours).

6 |  We'll create your visual brand identity (website strategy + SHRINK brand kit) (4+ hours)

5 |  You'll receive your SHRINK Treatment Plan, within 72 hours of our last meeting. It will include (2+ hours):

  • Everything in the SHRINK Intensive

  • Brand language (expanded copy and phrases)

  • Business name (if different)

  • Simplified sales + marketing steps

  • Social media strategy

  • Website strategy for growing your audience + platform

  • Email list-building + website traffic strategy

  • SHRINK brand kit, with brand "look," including fonts and color palette.

Time Commitment: 6 hours

Investment: $5,000


>> If you're not yet ready for the full treatment, check out THE SHRINK Intensive.

For hourly rates, or to propose a collaboration, contact us.



"You make things so simple that they are super-manageable. Your support in and emphasis of my brand was huge . . . the way you were able to create new, future curriculums and programs with me...I was like WHOA. I'm still somewhat in shock that now I have all these plans in the works." --Nitsan Ozer, M.A., MFT | SHRINK Brand: Nitsan Ozer | Creator of The Mini Gratitude Method™

"[Our] meeting was really helpful . . . you are going above and beyond because you see my heart and higher calling, so thank you for that so much!" --Dr. Scott Sells, creator of the Parenting with Love and Limits and Family Systems Trauma treatment models. From brand "PLL-FST" to SHRINK Brand: Family Trauma Institute.™