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Why build a brand?

Most therapists, and practice consultants, won't tell you how a brand will set your business apart. They may not know! Let us give you the scoop:

  • Brands stand out. They are simple to market, because they are personal.

  • Brands are consistent and sustainable. They are easily packaged into new services, products, and income options.

  • Building a private practice without knowing yourself and your brand leads to burnout, imbalance, and most likely, boredom.

  • Brands simplify everything in your business. They make clear who you work with, what you do, and how you do it--keeping you and your business focused.

Why hire us?

We've got you fully covered. With successful private practice building experience, online presence development, know-how in the techy side of automation, all the answers related to therapist ethical and legal rules, and a clear process that works (THE SHRINK METHOD™), we'll give you the answers you need to kick up your business, increase your income, and free up your time. We work with therapists who are just starting out, as well as seasoned practice owners ready to make a change.

Your brand will be:

  • Personal . It's easy to own your expertise, when you are your brand.

  • Shareable, with brand messages that are sticky and easy easily shared.

  • Profitable, with services and income streams tailored to you.

  • Simple. Time-saving and sales generating.


in front of the camera

Ili Rivera Walter | Shrink Your Practice

Brand developer, Idea-Generator, Therapy Expert

Ili Rivera Walter

I am a therapist consultant, as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist, clinical supervisor, and professor. I know the therapy field inside and out. I built a successful practice in a saturated market as a Christian couples therapist, but when I became a mom, I decided to break out of the private practice "box." I closed my practice, took my clients online, and created two new brands--Family Therapy Basics, and The Refreshed Therapist Network. Along the way, I honed my branding process and built one of the largest online platforms in my industry. I will keep you centered on makes you stand out.

behind the scenes

Copy of 400px × 400px – Untitled Design-3.png

Wordsmith, Idea-Evaluator, Quality Control

James Walter

I'm a story-chaser by nature, and I spend my time immersed in words, whether they are strung together as novels and biographies, movies, newsletters, or as stories I create while walking my overly excitable puppy. At Shrink Your Practice, I dive into each project to ensure quality, consistency, and compelling language. When I'm not "shrinking" (at Shrink Your Practice), I'm a copy and ghostwriter for coaches, therapists, and friends that need a hand.  


Amanda SYP.png

Designer, Systems Creator, and All-Around Support

Amanda Jeans

I'm a self-professed Jane-of-all-trades because of my desire to learn and know.  I started my journey through creative writing and graphic design, and fully looped around to processes and organization. I LOVE helping others solve problems by getting creative. At Shrink Your Practice, I wear a designer hat, but I'm also an all-around support system.  When I'm not jumping in head first to exciting projects, you can find me reading, laughing with my kids, or enjoying great food.


Once your SHRINK Intensive or Treatment is designed, we offer full implementation of your business brand. At your request, we'll create a custom quote.